About Me

Doug at Neck of the Woods

Doug Lee is a Bay Area bassist and composer with a specialty in upright and electric bass. Doug’s greatest strength is versatility coming from his experiences in Classical, Jazz, Brazilian, Rock, Reggae, Middle Eastern and Funk.  He currently performs regularly with several bay area groups including the improv powered group “RDL+”, San Francisco based funk ensemble “Mango Bus” and Grammy award winning artist Marcos Silva.  Doug has a passion for all music and believes that music has the power to heal the spirit and bring Love through infinite vibration.

It all started when Doug was 14 years old.  Coming from a musical family his parents kept asking, “What instrument do you want to play?”  Doug explained, “I thought to myself, what is the easiest instrument to play….of course, electric bass.  It only has four strings and you only have to play one string at a time – how hard could it be?”  However, in his first bass lesson his instructor showed him how to slap the bass funky style; Doug fell in love instantly and never stopped thumping the bass.  Eventually he found himself in several bands and never missed a Sunday playing at church.

When Doug reached his college years he pursued a music minor from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where his college instructor convinced him that he would be a great candidate to play the upright bass in the jazz ensemble.  On the upright bass Doug quickly developed the proficiency necessary for not only the jazz ensemble but the symphony orchestra and middle eastern music ensemble.  During these years Doug was able to hone in his composition and arranging skills providing original compositions and arrangements for his jazz combo.

Here in the Bay Area, Doug has continued to develop studying privately with jazz bassist, Glenn Richman.  Glenn explains, “He is one ‘bad’ dude!” (i.e. the good kind of bad).  He also continues to study the richness of Brazilian jazz with bay area extraordinaire, Marcos Silva.  One thing that keeps Doug going is the seemingly limitless possibilities of music.  For every group of people and every venue the music is reinvented, no matter how hard you try to make it the same, something new and inspiring is waiting for you….